Learning Outcomes CLO:03

I’ve committed a major sin during this unit; I haven’t followed a project plan at all.

Why? Well as explained in my KPIs I’m more-or-less forced into the philosophy of doing what I can when I can. So having a timeline or any sort of step-by-step plan is almost doomed to fail right from the outset since I’ll either inevitably fall behind or have to skip steps to catch up.

Now you could argue that there are plans that can accommodate this, but even then having a plan itself can sometimes be very demoralizing; you can stress enough without being constantly being reminded of how you’re constantly failing the plans that you’ve laid for yourself and how far you’re behind. This is a purely physiological failing that’s based around my own fear of failure, even if I ultimately succeed.

Secondly, it’s also hard to plan with depression’s oh-so-helpful contribution of making all ambition or initiative bog down into the Bog of Sadness. (Artax, noo!) So if I pose myself the question of ‘what can I get done in four weeks?’ the answer would be ‘you’d be lucky to get anything done at all’. Thanks, brain.

Whether or not this will bite me in the ass later will remain to be seen, and I’m not sure if this approach was irresponsible or realistic; depression and such kinda screws up even the best-laid plans. At the very least I did choose side-projects that are very simple and within my skillset.


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