CLO06: The Nugget

This was an asset made for Peter Carey for his ‘Hero Rises’ game. His directions was a simple ‘cartoony’ ore chunk that was under 2000 tris.




I thought this was going to be simple but, unsurprisingly, it wasn’t. An chunk of ore doesn’t have an easily recognizable semiotic shape like a cauldron or wizard tower does; people know what ore is but not always what it looks like. (Mostly because most people haven’t really seen one.)

So it was kinda hard to make a chunky looking piece of metal/rock that didn’t look like a random blob or something extremely low poly.


Case in point.

Also smoothing it was such an awful idea –


Dear god.

My answer to this was to bevel some of the edges to help round out the edges and give it more of a crystal-like quality. Even then it was pretty hard to make such an uneven asymmetrical object that looked good from all angles. Still I’m pretty happy with the result and so was Peter. (Who hopefully will give me screenshots to show here.)


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